Kat Elton

True Health, The Inside Job

What is health? Is health found in a blood test result or x-ray? Is health the absence of disease or something else entirely?

For author Kat Elton, who has lived with a chronic, painful disease since age two, true health is a way of life. It takes daily practice, diligence,and the commitment to yourself that no matter what life hands you, you will never stop trying. Throughout this book, Kat uses her personal experiences to provide valuable insights into how to be healthy. The ultimate irony is this; within the experience of illness the path to true health can be found. Illness and pain create a fierce desire to be healthy, and this desire can move mountains, one step at a time.

Kat describes how qualities such as honesty, resilience, love, and connection can move you towards a healthy life whether or not you have a diagnosis of disease. In the end, true health is a choice - choosing health means listening to your inner wisdom and having the strength to follow through with what it is telling you.

True Health, The Inside Job
by Kat Elton
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"Illness, especially chronic illness, isn’t a war. It’s a journey. It begins with a physical crisis that soon becomes an emotional, mental, and spiritual quest for understanding."

            —True Health, the Inside Job

Fantastic book for anyone who is
living with a disease ...
or chronic pain.
I have survived combat, I have been
ran over by cars twice while riding my
bicycle, and I have een in several
automobile crashes, and I know what
chronic pain is all about. 25+ years
of narcotics has left my body
damaged, relationships strained, and it
almost took my zest for life. Kats book
is a breath of fresh air for my mental
well being, and I have learned new
life-tools that I will be utilizing to better
the quality of my life. Great read,
inspiring, and healing; wonderful

-- Durango Mountain Biker
(06/02/15 Amazon Review)
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"When I take the time to ponder the true meaning of health I realize that, surprisingly, my disease has made me healthier. With each challenge the disease has created for me, the opportunity has been there to transmute this challenge into a lesson on how to be a better person. The arthritis has made me wise. And I use this wisdom to create a healthy life." --Kat Elton

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